"I would have forgotten the sandwich..."

August 30, 2011 Vicki No Comments

Donuts Are Forgettable. Cards for Forever.

A few months ago I watched a touching Masterpiece production called “Any Human Heart.” In one scene, a glamorous woman reaching the end of her life reflects back on a time when, almost penniless, she had purchased a bunch of violets even though she was going hungry at the time and perhaps might have used her few coins on a sandwich instead. Moments from death, she smiled and said, “I would have forgotten the sandwich.”

In this morning’s mail I received a flyer offering me a couple of dozen donuts for $9.99. I looked at it, then looked at the wonderful cards we have received over the last few days in which our friends acknowledge and share the joy of our 34th wedding anniversary. We are fortunate, now, that sending cards is so easy and so inexpensive, a penny a month less, in fact, than a few donuts.

If there is someone, anyone, in your life who would be better from a kind touch from you, remember the violets.

We will always remember and cherish the cards. We would have forgotten the donuts.


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